StompBox the Guitar Effects Rack for the iPad

StompBox Guitar Effects App for your iPad

StompBox turns your iPad into a fully fledged digital effects unit, complete with chromatic guitar tuner, metronome and loop recording tools. StompBox allows you to build a rack of effects in any order and then save your settings as patches that can be recalled at the press of a button.

Check out the interview with Guitarist Marcos Kleine, he talks music, Star Trek and iPad on the news page.

With StompBox you get the best of both worlds, a rack of professional sounding stereo effects (with far more control than simple foot pedals) and a foot controller to access a tuner and all your patches.

Simply listen through a pair of headphones, or attach to an external amplifier or hifi to truly experience the program in all its glory! StompBox uses stereo routing between effects, which results in a very professional sounding experience.

In order to use StompBox you need a way of connecting your guitar. The simplest way to accomplish this is to use an adapter such as the Apogee Jam or iRig (sold separately), but if you have a camera kit you may be able to use an inexpensive USB sound card. For further information on compatible interfaces please see our Audio Interface  Video and the compatibility list in our  forum.

StompBox comprises 17 unique effect modules such as delay, reverb, flanger, phaser, chorus, pitch shifter, tremelo etc. We have also included a noise gate, compressor, parametric and graphic equalizers so that you can create many unique and interesting tones. There are 7 types of distortion effect available (from overdrive, to fuzz to full out classic distortion) as well as custom amplifier EQ's, so plenty of scope for all types of music!

Once you have built up a library of patches, you can use the virtual foot controller to quickly and easily move between patches. The Virtual Foot controller gives instant access to all patch parameters and amp settings, with the ability to enable and disable individual effects at the touch of a button. If you want to modify an effect parameter, simply scroll the effect rack into view and make your changes. The foot controller has a virtual whammy bar which can be controlled using the touch screen or optionally using the accelerometer. A tap tempo button is also available to synchronize all time based effects.

StompBox includes a Metronome which you can use for practicing or alternatively you can load your favorite MP3s into the Media Player and play along. The Media Player even has the ability to slow down the music without effecting pitch so you can play along at your own pace. You can even loop a particular part of a song so it plays over and over again!

StompBox also features a 4 track loop recorder. This allows you to record your own backing track which can also be looped, just like the Media Player. You can record up to 4 non-destructive overdubs and even save a mixdown for posterity!

As most guitarists will know the choice of Guitar Amp is very much a personal choice. If you are playing accoustic or semi-accoustic then you will more than likely opt for an accoustic amp as the sound is less harsh (as they are not EQ'd to death). Many guitar applications use a form of Amp Modeling which in most cases is just fancy form of EQ. This is great for electric guitars, but not so good for accoustic. StompBox allows various amp EQ's both via the PreAmp and additional effects, but the important thing for accoustic guitar users is that these EQ's can be completely bypassed. This is where StompBox really shines, giving a faithful reproduction of accoustic instruments. This also means StompBox can be used on keyboards too.

The Midi Support  allows you to use remote pedal board to change patches, control Volume and Wah pedals as well as tap tempo etc. This is completely configurable by assigning midi CC's to StompBox functions. The Learn feature makes configuring the softer very simple.

StompBox for iPad, Virtual Foot Controller Many great features including...
-17 Unique Effects.
-7 Types of Distortion Effect.
-Chain upto 12 Simultaneous Effects.
-Media Player with Time Stretching.
-4 Track Loop Recorder.
-Chromatic Tuner.
-Stereo Routing.
-Save 12 banks of 6 patches.
-Virtual Foot Controller.
-Virtual Whammy Pedal.
-Tap Tempo
-Built In FTP
-Comprehensive Help
-Effect Synchronization with Metronome
-Bass Guitar compatible
-Latency Settings on the Fly
-Fast App Switching
-Selectable Input Type
-PasteBoard Support
-USB Camera Kit Supported
-iRig, Apogee Jam and IO Dock Compatible
-3 Unique Skins



I can hear the future! 
By: John-3:16
Version: 1.23
First off, no multi-effects pedal, collection of individual pedals, or app can/will do it all, and suite everyone's taste in sound. But that being said, the Stompbox app is incredibly clean, with a large assortment of studio quality effects, most having more than enough parameters to dial in your desired effect.I wish that it had a few more distortion choices, and maybe amp modeling, but for now, I'm sold!


Version 1.32
StompBox now supports Apple’s Inter-App Audio. Making it an excellent general purpose audio processing tool for all musicians, not just guitarists.



Good reason to own an iPad
By: Jasdadgad
Version: 1.02
Hmmm.. $20 for the app and how much for an iPad and electric guitar? Its worth it!!! This is a killer app for the iPad. Thats how useful and fun it it. Its far superior to "Amplitude" - more effects, higher output, equivalent tones (except at higher volumne on Stompbox). The 4Track Recorder is worth it in its self. Maybe I play to slowly but I haven't noticed any latency problems at all. I'm using the IRig as an interface, usually into a PA. It Sounds amazing, once you tweak the sounds a bit - which is easier than any effects unit I can think of. Nice Job this is a fantastic app.  PS you will want to try the Cakewalk UA1G USB interface and the camera connector kit!!! IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE and turns this app into a unit thats equal in quality to the various multieffects pedals I've tried. You can play it through a PA or through a head and cabinet and it sounds great and its easier to operate than any other multi-effects unit and more versatile. 


made for iPad
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