Synergy Studio - Music Sequencer for the iPad

Synergy Sequencer for iPad

Synergy Studio an interesting and fun way to create music suitable for people with any kinds of musical abilities. By simply tapping on the grid interface users can lay down a series of notes, which are structured as layers and patterns that can be pieced together to form a complete song.

If you are a seasoned musician looking for a tool to help lay down new ideas or need more advanced features then Synergy has the lot, a fully integrated mixer, lots of plug-in effects, complete customization of instruments and patches and extensive automation facilities.

Synergy allows you to create up to 64 unique patterns, which are pieced together into a song. Each pattern has 16 layers, each of which can be assigned its own unique instrument. By utilizing the fully integrated mixer, effects and automation options you can take your songs to a whole new level.

There are four main instrument categories to choose from: Drums, Analogue Synthesizer, Sampler and Pad Synth. Each category containing it's own set of instruments patches - for example in the drum kit category you can choose from an array of different kits including Analogue T9, Orchestra, Rock and Techno. Further instrument packs are available as free sound librarys or via In-App purchases.

Synergy Studio: Mixer with 3 band Parametric EQ

Synergy Studio includes a 16 channel mixer with 3 band Parametric EQ per channel, as well as a comprehensive range of built in effects. Synergy also includes MIDI support enabling you to interact with external MIDI hardware, such as Synths and Drum Machines making it a powerful and flexible tool. You can even route MIDI to other iOS applications.

Musicians can share projects with other iOS devices using our Bluetooth Song Sharing functionality. Songs can be wirelessly connected to other devices using WIST to seamlessly synchronize playback with other iPads. This allows multiple iPads to work seemlessly together to to extend the functionality beyond 16 layers.

Exporting your finished songs and patterns from Synergy is just as easy with built in functionality for Dropbox, SoundCloud, Email, Pasteboard or exports directly into other apps such as Meteor Multitrack Recorder.

Although Synergy will run on an iPad 1, we recommend an iPad 2 or later to get the most out of the software.

Synergy Studio is from, the creators of Meteor Multi-Track recorder and StompBox guitar effects rack, which featured in Apple’s iPad 2 TV commercial in January 2012.


A Fantastic 🎵 Tool
By: ZenLizard
Sept 25th 2013
Ha! I was using Synergy last night and I thought, "this thing really needs an undo button" and here it is the very next day!—--Coming from a traditional live instrument recording background, and having little experience with sequencing, I wasn't sure if I would like the way Synergy worked, but I decided to give it a try. It turns out I not only like it, I love it! It was so easy to learn that I knocked out a couple of great songs in the first few hours. I recorded patches from some of my favorite synths and imported them into Synergy's sampler with ease, and used its tools to layer and adjust them so they are barely distinguishable from the original synths. I found It's two on-board synths, drum sampler, effects, and mixer incredibly easy to customize and then automate in order to produce stunningly professional results. Then, I was able to add all the variations of song sections that I desired, which really surprised me, because I thought that 16 layers (tracks) was going to be restrictive – and frankly, not enough for the things I like to create. I am uncharacteristically happy to say I was completely wrong. Synergy Studio is a great song production power-house.


Way Cool, and More Please (Always) 
By: Littlewoodg 
June 15th 2013

Way cooler now and cooler all the time - Really amazing depth here3 kinds of editable synthesizable sampler and drum kits (import or record user samples) high quality fx w/eq and compression16 track mixer with 3 band parametric eq ALL WITH AUTOMATION...not to mention the crazy-editable arpeggiator that includes editable chord fingering. As a standalone this is an amazing sound design, composition and production tool, and as a co-conspirator/multitrack source for Meteor (with Audiobus already in Meteor, and now here) the workflow is blowing my mind: develop tracks in Synergy, send as multitracks to Meteor, lay down live Synergy (and any other Audiobus input app) tracks on top...Don't mean to go on and on but I keep coming back to this one and Meteor, even after the advent of all the other DAWs. This combination of apps with multitrack sharing and Audiobus between them is a very open ended and flexible arsenal of synth, sampling and production tools. I dig 4pockets going back to Audiobox and the 1st Aurora...


made for iPad
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