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Aurora HD Review - KILLER APP
Apps4iDevices Video Review of Aurora Sound Studio - Verdict - KILLER APP
by Apps4iDevices | 23 Jan 2013
iPad Audio and MIDI Interfaces
This video will give you a quick intro into the various audio and MIDI interfaces available and how to connect them to your iPad.
by 4pocketsAudio.com | 10 Oct 2011
Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad + VSTi Voices of the Apocalypse
With the Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad you can play with up to 14 instruments combining its own sounds and virtual instruments via coreMIDI (using the Camera Connection Kit).

More about mobile music and music apps at http://musicapps.com.br

Com o Aurora Sound Studio, você pode tocar até 14 instrumentos diferentes, combinando seus próprios timbres e instrumentos virtuais via coreMIDI (utilizando o Camera Connection Kit).

Mais sobre apps musicais e música móvel no http://musicapps.com.br
by MusicApps.com.br | 18 Jul 2011
Aurora Sound Studio HD for iPad as a MIDI sequencer
Using the camera connection kit you can transmit MIDI notes on 16 channels to MIDI hardwares and softwares.

by MusicApps.com.br | 18 Jul 2011
Showing the hip hop side of Aurora Studio HD
A guide to the hip hop side of Aurora Studio HD.
by JSprayaEntertainment | 20 Dec 2010
iPad AURORA HD - Update Video Out! and Multitouch - Demo and Review
A quick video to show you some of the features added in the this months update to Aurora Sound Studio HD
by VJFranzK | 24 Nov 2010
Aurora Sound Studio HD
A quick overview of what you can do with Aurora Sound Studio HD, the music and light sequencing app for the iPad.
by 4PocketsAudio.com | 26 Jul 2010
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