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Aurora iPad Review Part B - Making a Basic Track
Making a basic track in Aurora Sound Studio
by VJFranzK | 28 May 2010
Aurora Sound Studio for the iPhone Tutorial
A quick tutorial for Aurora Sound Studio for the iPhone. Including a look at the new interface and quick guides to functions, including Editing Facilities, Creating Instruments from Custom Sample Sounds and examples of X Y and Automation Models. It may also sound technical but is great for both experienced musicians and complete beginners.
by 4Pockets.com | 10 May 2010
iPad Audio and MIDI Interfaces
This video will give you a quick intro into the various interfaces available and how to connect them to your iPad.
by 4PocketsAudio.com | 10 Oct 2011
Aurora Sound Studio music app for iPhone
A great music and light sequencing app for the iphone and itouch.
by 4Pockets.com | 16 Jun 2010
iPAD TENORI? it's AURORA! First Detailed Review Part A - Introduction to Features
Aurora by 4Pockets for iPhone, iPad etc. The newest amazing synth program to enter the iScene! 14 sparkling tracks of improvisational music briliance... a full on Tenori type experience for the great price of $10!

by VJFranz Keller | 22 May 2010
Aurora Sound Studio for iPhone Teaser
A quick and dirty video for Aurora for the iPhone. Whether you are an experienced musician or dont have a musical bone in your body, you can make great music on your iPhone, with Aurora our pattern based musical sequencing software.

As this is quick and dirty the sound is via the camera so the quality is not the greatest.
by 4Pockets.com | 20 Apr 2010
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