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Garibaldi by The Electric Monk - Jamey Khan

Created on an iPad using the following applications:
Kevin Bacon - Aurora Sound Studio HD
Garibaldi - Rhythm Studio
Michael Gambon - Tabletop
10 Feb 2012
Virtual Light by Snare Complex

This track was made on Aurora Sound Studio over Christmas. Added the guitars and synths in Ableton Live afterwards.

10 Feb 2012
To MySelf by Snare Complex

A bit more 80's and terrestrial sci-fi than galaxy busting epic space rock (yeah, I wish), but lots of synthy noises in there courtesy of Aurora sound studio. Influences more on show here are Mum, The Cure and Mansun (for the guitar sounds), and possible a little Timo Maas. Not as good as any of those people of course.
10 Feb 2012
Right angles to reality by Snare Complex

This track started off with a guitar riff inspired by (i.e. nicked from) Muse's MK Ultra. Most of the rest was built in Aurora Sound Studio HD and arranged in Ableton Live.
10 Feb 2012
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