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Stranger Days by Snare Complex

Simple guitar lines, drum beats, synthy bass and just a touch of synth pad to give it some space. Mostly written with just Aurora Soundstudio HD and a Boss ME25 guitar pedal. Assembled in Ableton Live Lite 8.
20 Jun 2012
Snap Snare by Snare Complex

Song written on 4Pocket's Aurora Sound Studio HD. Guitar recorded and processed in Ablton Live Lite 8.
19 Jun 2012
Danforth's Scream by Snare Complex

This track started as the usual low-key guitars and synths and ended up significantly more major key, uptempo and rocky. Drums and synthy bass written in 4pockets' Aurora Sound Studio HD. Recorded and arranged in Ableton Live.

18 Jun 2012
Meander by Ashley Elsdon

Enjoying Aurora Sound Studio from 4Pockets. Excellent app. Hope you like this little work in progress.
18 Feb 2012
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