Synergy Studio - Music Sequencer for the iPad: In-Apps

Digital Reverb 2
This is a great new reverb that allows a greater depth of control over early reflection and reverb trail levels. One of the features of this reverb is the incredible length and tighter control that can be achieved than the default Reverb. $1.99/1.49

Compressor Effect
Adds a fully fledged stereo side chaining compressor to Synergy's list of effects. This effect can be used as both Insert and Master effects. $2.99/1.99

Graphic Equalizer
This plugin adds an 8 Band Stereo Graphic Equaliser to the list of available plugins. The equaliser plugin can be used as an Insert of Master effect. $1.99/1.49

Distortion Effect
This effect adds several types of distortion and overdrive to your effects rack. The plugin can be used as an Insert effect. $1.99/1.49

Stereo Phaser
This is a traditional stereo phaser which creates the sweeping effect that was popular in 70's rock music. it works by creating a series of modulated peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The phaser can be used as an Insert effect. $0.99/0.69


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