StompBox the Guitar Effects Rack for the iPad: In-Apps

Digital Reverb 2
This is a great new reverb that allows a greater depth of control over early reflection and reverb trail levels. One of the features of this reverb is the incredible length and tighter control that can be achieved than the default Reverb. $1.99/1.49

This plugin is a great companion for the distortion plugin. It uses a unique delayed phase technique to produce what can only be described as oscillating vocal vowel like sounds (hence the name Growler). $0.99/0.69

Loop Station    
The first In-App purchase is a real cracker, allowing you to sample loops up to 32 seconds in length. The pedal allows unlimited overdubs with features such as reverse and undo, configurable metronome, pasteboard support for transferring your loops to other apps, and saving to file. $3.99/2.49

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StompBox for iPad, Loop Station


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