StompBox the Guitar Effects Rack for the iPad: Reviews & Comments

****ING GOOD!"

By: floridamunro
Version: 1.02
This app is really a beauty! Its incredible the amount of sound effects you can produce out of it! Great Job! I hope they keep updating with more awesome fx for guitar!...

Good reason to own an iPad
By: Jasdadgad
Version: 1.02
Hmmm.. $20 for the app and how much for an iPad and electric guitar? Its worth it!!! This is a killer app for the iPad. Thats how useful and fun it it. Its far superior to "Amplitude" - more effects, higher output, equivalent tones (except at higher volumne on Stompbox). The 4Track Recorder is worth it in its self. Maybe I play to slowly but I haven't noticed any latency problems at all. I'm using the IRig as an interface, usually into a PA. It Sounds amazing, once you tweak the sounds a bit - which is easier than any effects unit I can think of. Nice Job this is a fantastic app. PS you will want to try the Cakewalk UA1G USB interface and the camera connector kit!!! IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE and turns this app into a unit thats equal in quality to the various multieffects pedals I've tried. You can play it through a PA or through a head and cabinet and it sounds great and its easier to operate than any other multi-effects unit and more versatile.

Kim Jacobsen,
"This app is such a masterpiece, Im allmost gonna cry."


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