Pocket RTA - Spectrum Sound Analyser for the iPhone: Reviews & Comments

Not Just an RTA
By: Schoon Man
Version: 1.0
This app has taken over for my day to day needs as a Live Sound Engineer... It's not only an RTA, but a SPL Meter, Oscilloscoope, and Spectrogram...

This thing rocks I wasn't expecting it to be as sensitive as it is, it even picks up whispers! It has so many options and the UI on this app is out of this world! I'm truly impressed and well worth the money. I'm not a professional sound analyzer but will be using the device to find hidden or unusual spectrums/ sounds. Get this app you will not be disappointed in the least.

Great price
As my daily job I install and service customers audio conference, video conference systems and live audio sound reinforcement systems for presentations. 12 years experience. This IPhone RTA app is the most accurate and used test instrument I use to setup and EQ these type of sound system to the room's accustics. It doesn't replace every test equipment. I say it just another valuable tool I always have with me everywhere I go.

This is awesome
I have a parr 3 and it now stays in the bag until I need an accurate spl reading. Yes I operate in extremely loud venues. I love this app. Get it.


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