Meteor Multi Track Recorder DAW on the iPad: Reviews & Comments

Reviews of Meteor Multi Track Recorder
Computer Music/MusicRadar
All the basic trimmings you'd expect are included, such as a sample editor, simple automation and effects. The effects are very good, including reverb, stereo delay, chorus/flange, tone boost, compression, distortion and EQ. On the downside, some of these are paid-for add-ons, as is the MIDI editor and virtual instruments package. If you invest in Meteor, though, you’ll get a formidable mobile music making package.
Meteor is a Killer App!

Rock 'n' Roller Reporter (Germany)
Meteor is a kind of multi-track Cubase for the iPad, perfectly suited for professional use, the most complete and best multi-track in the whole App universe.


Evolutionary Music
IPad production is one of the latest developments in modern music making, and one that has been dismissed by many professional producers as being gimmicky. Apps such as Nanostudio, the Korg ones, Sunvox et all, have proved them otherwise but still sequencing can be fiddly and audio editing within apps has been a sore point to be honest. As a music producer myself, one who has distanced himself from laptops and hardware, I've been hoping for an app that will sequence like Sony Acid and edit waveforms like Soundforge.

Well, here it is! armed with nice effects, user friendly interface and an almighty mix down capacity- Meteor can be used by professional music producers and it seems, reporters on the go.

It is an unsurpassed Multi track, sequencer and audio editor. You can import from other apps, your laptop or plain record live and then mix it all down.

In response to critics who expect all audio apps to be under 10 pounds, I say this...for an app to do what Meteor does, the time put into ensuring the highest quality and capability and give you as much facility as a laptops software, 12 pounds is a snip, especially compared to the price one pays for music software these days.

4pockets have delivered the goods before with Aurora, now they have outdone themselves, support these great developers as this is only the beginning. Thanks to developers like these, it is NOW POSSIBLE to complete full credible tracks in full cd quality to be released to the general public." Zac Laurent ( forthcoming site )


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