Meteor Multi Track Recorder DAW on the iPad: In-App Purchases

Meteor Multi Track Recorder has a great range of In-App Purchases.

16 - 24 Track Upgrade $6.99/4.99
This Add-On increases the number of Audio and MIDI tracks from 16 to 24.
(iPad 2 or better is required) 

 MIDI Editor     $7.99/5.49
The MIDI Editor is not required for MIDI Recording however it adds a great deal of flexibility to your recording process including Scrubbing to help you identify incorrect notes or timings and the ability to add,delete and edit individual notes, velocities and controllers. The editor includes full multi level undo and the ability to step record. 

Virtual Instruments     $10.99/7.49
The Virtual Instrument Pack includes:

Drum Pad

A virtual Keyboard enables you to record sequences using the Synthesizer and Sampler Virtual Instruments. The instruments are fully editable allowing you to edit and create your own instruments. Additional Instrument patches are also available in the Downloadable Sound Libraries found in the help menu.

You can buy the combined MIDI Editor and the Virtual Instrument In-Apps at the same time for a discounted price of $14.99/10.49 

Video Import     $2.99/1.99
Video Import enables you import a video and product a sound track or narration to accompany the video, by actually working on the track whilst you watch the video enables you to create synced sound tracks. 

Digital Reverb 2
This is a great new reverb that allows a greater depth of control over early reflection and reverb trail levels. One of the features of this reverb is the incredible length and tighter control that can be achieved than the default Reverb. $1.99/1.49

Other In-Apps
Auto Wah - $3.99/2.49
Compressor Effect - $2.99/1.99
Distortion Effect - $2.99/1.99
Graphic Equalizer - $2.99/1.99
Noise Gate - $1.99/1.49
Parametric Equalizer - $4.99/2.99
Phaser Effect -  $2.99/1.99
Stereo Panning Delay -  $4.99/2.99
Tremelo Effect -  $1.99/1.49
Chromatic Tuner - $1.99/1.49
Digital Reverb 2 - $1.99/1.49

 Meteor Multi Track Recorder Compressor In-App Purchase Meteor Multi Track Recorder Distortion In-App Purchase Meteor Multi Track Recorder Graphic EQ In-App Purchase


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