Aurora Sound Studio HD - Music creation on the iPad: Reviews & Comments

MusicRadar Review of Aurora Sound Studio HD
A truly inspiring production environment. If you're an iPad owner in the market for a portable production tool, you definitely won't want to pass this one

Apps4iDevices Review and Walk Through
This is an incredibly complex and powerful machine, that is surprisingly easy to use, but it also has a very comprehensive built-in manual to help discover everything it has to offer and solve any issues that might arise. I've been using Aurora for quite a while now, and it's still one of my favourite apps, especially when combined with Meteor. It is an expensive app, but in my opinion it's worth every cent, which definitely makes it ... A Killer App!.

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Very Pleased
By: Jason Field
Version: 1.0
I've been looking for an app that gives the same kind of sound and functionality as a certain device that many people will be familier with (but may not have the money to afford) and I think I may have found it. Yes, its quite expensive, but having now bought it and started to explore all the options, I can safely say thats its money well spent and hundreds of pounds/dollars cheaper than the device I was "almost" going to purchase. There are some good tutorials online which will certainly help but I've already managed to create some pretty impressive sounds using the controls intuitively ... Its going to keep me occupied for a long time :-)

A huge value
By: Michael Addkison
Version: 1.3
Yes, it's 40 bucks but a hardware based version will set you back a grand and not have as much flexibility. $40 is a real bargain. This app has a beautiful interface and great depth. I'm giving it 5 stars now because I know it's just going to get better...


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